The Hartford Courant preaches, "The Israeli government is not helping itself by blocking a United Nations team from investigating fighting between the Israeli army and Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank."

"Not helping itself" with whom? With the UN, which has been consistently biased against Israel, sponsored a blatanly anti-Semitic "human rights" conference in Durban, has Syria on its Security Council and is unwilling to investigate terrorism against Israel?

With the International Committee of the Red Cross, which refuses to admit Israel as a member, and whose president was appointed as one of the UN's Jenin investigators?

With the European Union, which plays an "even-handed" role in the Middle East conflict and makes a moral equivalence between Palestinian terrorist acts against innocent civilians and Israel's efforts to protect civilians?

With The Courant's editorial board, which is sympathetic to Israel only when Israel is a victim, and which has opposed every effective Israeli defensive measure against terrorism?

Israel has been indeed "helping itself," as evidenced not only by the continued support of the strong majority of the American people and the U.S. Congress, but by the sharp decrease in terrorist murders and homicide bombings since the incursions.